(A Constituent Institute of IKG PTU, Jalandhar)


Academic Administration is abranch of IKGPTU Amritsar Campus responsible for the maintenance andsupervision of the institution and separate from the facultyor academics, although some personnel mayhave joint responsibilities. Many senior administrators are academics who haveadvanced degrees and no longer teach or conduct research actively.

Key Responsibilities

Key broad administrative responsibilities (and thus administrativeunits) in academic institutions include:

  • Admissions
  • Supervision of academic affairs such as hiring, promotion, tenure, and evaluation (with faculty input where appropriate).
  • Maintenance of official records.
  • Maintenance and audit of financial flows and records.
  • Maintenance and construction of campus buildings (the physical plant).
  • Maintenance of the campus grounds.
  • Safety and security of people and property on the campus (often organized as an office of public safety or campus police);
  • Maintenance and construction
  • Supervision and support of campus computers and network (Information Technology).
  • Fundraising from private individuals and foundations ("development" or "advancement")
  • Research administration (including grants and contract administration, and institutional compliance with federal and state regulations)
  • Public affairs (including relations with the media, the community, and local, state, and federal governments)
  • Student services such as disability services, career counselling and library staff.