(A Constituent Institute of IKG PTU, Jalandhar)


Welcome toFacilities and Campus Services

Themission of the Office of Facilities and Campus Services (FCS) is to serve theCollege community through excellence in facilities management, businessservices, program development and environmental stewardship.  Weaccomplish this by aligning our goals with those of the College at-large and byadopting "best practices" to provide a healthy, safe and engagingenvironment that supports the diverse needs of the college community whileensuring financial viability. 

Facilities and Campus Services is a comprehensiveorganization providing exceptional services anywhere, anytime in support of theIKGPTU Amritsar Campus Mission and Strategic Plan. We strive to deliver highquality, reliable, and innovative services that are responsive to the changingneeds of the IKGPTU Amritsar Campus Community. FCS includes the followingdepartments that are dedicated to the management of College operations andauxiliary service functions: Facilities Services (Maintenance, Housekeeping andGrounds), Sports Management, Project and Energy Management, Finance andAdministration, Sustainability, Dining Services, Mailing Services, DuplicatingServices, Parking Services, and Emergency Management.