(A Constituent Institute of IKG PTU, Jalandhar)

Training & Placement Department

Centre for Advancement ofCareer and Human Excellence “CACHE”.

The training & placementdivision of IKGPTU Amritsar Campus is called as CACHE which spreads to Centrefor Advancement of Career and Human Excellence. The trainingimparted to students from their freshman year till they are placed is aimed atshaping the individuals into not just employable but to be an asset to theiremployers. We, at IKGPTU Amritsar Campus, believe that change that is instantis not permanent. It should be slow and spread over a period of time to betrue. The two in-house full time trainers ensure that the training classes areplanned to this effect.

Various innovative methods ofteaching are implemented to make learning an enjoyable experience for thestudents. The run of the mill syllabus completion classes are a contrast towhat happens at CACHE. A special syllabus is planned keeping in view theindustry requirements and constraints of regular syllabus. The focus oftraining is on Communication Skills, Aptitude, and Soft Skills, developing theConfidence of Students, improving their Body Language, inculcating Creativityand into making them responsible individuals. A special collection of books ismaintained at CACHE to lure students to books and the healthy habit of reading.

The thrust of the CACHE is towards providing the students aplatform for interaction with the corporate world and also to help improve theall-round personality of the students. These aims are achieved through lectures,workshops, seminars, information about career opportunities, aptitude tests,communication enhancement lectures, group discussions, interviews,pre-placement talks, debates, preparing professional curriculum vitae etc.


Summer Training:

As a part of the curriculum students undergo two differenttraining programmes:

 In-House Training Programme:six weeks (after 4th semester)

 Summer Training:eight weeks (after 6th semester)

Industrial Training:

As a part of the curriculum students undergo Final Year SixMonths Industrial Training programme:

Industrial Training Programme: six months (after 7thsemester)