(A Constituent Institute of IKG PTU, Jalandhar)

Sports Activities

Sport plays an important part in the life of IKGPTU Amritsar Campus.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy. To bring freshness, enjoyment and for the sound health of the students, the institute’s Sports Club organizes various activities from time to time. IKGPTU Amritsar Campus is an active member of Association of Indian Universities and different sports associations. The University teams participate in many local as well as inter University IKGPTU tournaments.Competitions with local clubs and other institutions are frequently organized to encourage vibrant sports culture promoted by the Sports Club which maintains Cricket, Soccer, Volley-ball, Badminton, Hockey & Table Tennis.

There are full-size well-maintained football, rugby, and cricket pitches. IKGPTU is investing to make these facilities even better. Sports Committee has been organised to provide enhanced changing facilities and space to socialise.

IKGPTU Amritsar Campus sports clubs cater for all abilities. Students who have never regarded themselves as sporting types can participate simply for enjoyment, or just to try something new.  On the other hand IKGPTU Amritsar Campus participates actively in inter-college league and cup competitions, and supports those who wish to try for University places.